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Meet fashion designer - Hira Shah

Helena Alcenius, meets Hira Shah who is a Fashion Designer based in Ireland but currently studying in Borås, Sweden. She is a Master's Candidate at the Swedish school of textiles and holds a four year Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Design from Pakistan Institute of Fashion Design.

Hello Hira Shah! please tell me about your background and education.
I was born and raised in a city called hyderabad in pakistan.I lived and studied in hyderabad till high school.One of the best fashion schools in Pakistan namely Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design was situated in a city called Lahore.I moved to Lahore where i lived for four years and graduated with a four year bachelor degree in Fashion Design.Till today that institute runs an exchange programme with University of Boras.

After graduation I worked with a well known Designer in Pakistan called Amir Adnan as the head of the department for Bridal wear. Later i moved to Ireland where I worked as a model and a freelance designer.While i was working there i got to know about Textilhogskolan from a friend from Pakistan who had done her masters from here as well.I recieved a very positive feedback from her with regards to the education here which fully convinced me to apply here. Before i had even applied to some other schools in Ireland and london.I got to know about my admission here so i grabed the oppurtunity and came to Sweden.

After my first year of Masters here.I interned with MQ in their design department at their head office in Gothenborg for a few months. Now i am in my second year of Masters working on my Degree work.

What were your thoughts about Sweden before you moved here?
First impression was certainly a beautiful country with beautiful people.Some people were a bit reserved but the young ones were very enthusiastic,open and ready to familiarize you with the swedish culture and life style.

People who are reserved take their time in opening up but once they do they do it whole heartedly.In the beggining i experienced the same thing but now i have mde such good friends with the locals that i feel at home.I always know that be it a normal day or traditional swedish celebration such as midsummer i have close friends that i would be spending it or celebrating it with.It is merely due to the hospitality of such friends that has made sweden a special place for me.

Why did you choose Borås?
A friend of mine who graduated from here gave me very positive feedback on textilhogskolan and the education here which fully convinced me to apply here.Each year the school keeps on getting bigger and better.Alongside good education the oppurtunity of being able to show your work each year in london in itself is great way for students to display thier creations internationally.

What do you think about this town and the people here?
I really like boras because by now i am totally familiar with it at the same because i live in town everything seems to be at walking distance.Its really nice that the people from here are always trying to put in the efforts to arrange different events and exhibitions for people based in boras such as the concerts during summer,different exhibitons at textile museum and boras museum and alot of other interesting events of such nature.

In the begining when i was new here. I found it very quiet and felt like not much was happening during weekdays.having lived in Dublin before moving here where there is always something happening it was a bit difficult to accept it but once I started making alot of friends especially with the locals my view kind of changed because whenever I told them I was free we would just make a plan and go explore beautiful places in boras and do different activities together.

Alongside that as a fashion student you are working round the clock.you are almost living in Textilhogskolan.Even on weekends youre there working. There is always so much work to do that you end up realizing that maybe boras is a very good place to come to in order to be able to not have too many distractions around you and to be able to give your hundred percent to your work.

The people are amazing.If you give them love in return they will give you much more than that.I have met so many amazing people and by now have so many close friends that I very attached to.I am sure it would be very hard to move away from here.

Where do you get your inspiration in your work?
My inspiration comes from different things but because i have lived both in the east as well as the west.i enjoy working with inpirations derived from both the places and further trying to amalgamate them together.

I feel very strongly about women's rights and social issues.Last year i worked on a project about suppression of women where i did a line up of garments which started with a display of suppression and my last outfit displayed a light of hope of liberation.I further combined it with the silhouettes that were derived from the west to keep it both contemporary yet a work that speaks about an issue.

This year my degree work is research project exploring the plasticity of plastic both aesthetically as well as technically. By the application of pigments through screen printing i have tried to explore the aesthetic and graphic interest created on the surface of the material.The silhouete is derived from a traditonal men's garment worn in the villages of Pakistan.There is a special way of knotting the garment.The cultural elements help in a deeper understanding of the nature of the material in terms of drapability as well as the knotting technique.

Where in life are you in 10 years ahead?
I would love to be having my own eponymous brand for which i would like to get the production from Asia and would love to show and sell my work in different countries all around the world.

Intervju: Helena Alcenius

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