onsdag 20 mars 2013

Shai Dahan - flyttar in gatukonsten på TUR 2013

I november målade Shai Dahan Borås egen United Buddy Bear, han deltog med en mural i Borås Internationella Skulpturbiennal 2012 och nu står han på TUR 2013 och berättar om hur publik konst kan förändra en stad. Men det är bättre vi låter Shai själv berätta mer.

On Thursday I will be giving a short lecture (roughly 20 minutes) at the TUR-massan in Gothenburg.
I know you are probably wondering why an artist, or even a street-artist would speak at the TUR-massan but there is a good reason. 

In the past, Borås has been the leader in promoting and pushing the boundaries in the public art culture. From sculptures taking up public spaces throughout the city, to most recently having me paint a mural at Sandwalls plats. There is no denying that public art, outdoors, changes a city. Not only does it provide beauty to the community of those who live here, but it also welcomes new residents, tourists and visitors from around the country and even the globe. For a small city, we are making BIG changes. We are pushing the limits and taking charge in creating public art faster than some of our big city counterparts.

So why am I speaking? Because I want to share proof that there is a positive impact in our community right here from us displaying art publicly. We are at a tipping-point with the way Sweden will be changed by street-art and public art in general. What a better way than to let someone who is doing it, who is taking the steps of those changes, to speak and hopefully inspire and support others to do the same in their city.

Join me as I will be speaking (details below). We shouldn't fear the change that is coming, because it is a good change.

Also, I currently have a solo exhibition in Östersund at Lars Bolin Gallery If you want to see a short segment about it, you can find it on SVT here.


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