tisdag 21 januari 2014

En bild av Borås och den svenska naturen

Vi fick ett härligt mail från Alvaro som besökt Borås. Vi vill så klart gärna dela med oss av Alvaros ord om staden och naturen.

"Good morning
Mi name is Alvaro A. Ricciardelli and I am a videographer and videojournalist. I had the opportunity of visiting Boras because some members of my family moved there recently, and I was fascinated by the city and its surroundings.

I liked it so much that I decided to go out in one of its lakes and film something, and this was the result:

Välkommen from Alvaro A. Ricciardelli on Vimeo.

I showed it to some people and everybody said the same: "Oh, where is that? I want to go!".

This is why I thought I should contact you and offer you the video, I feel it could be a very nice presentation of the nature around the area. Thanks a lot for your time and congratulations for such a wonderful city,

Alvaro A. Ricciardelli"

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